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The most critical and essential part of industrial businesses for instance manufacturing or mining, is an electrical system including a functional lighting system. The electrical systems for these industries are differently designed with pretty high voltages to perform heavy machinery duties. Besides proper safety maintenance within the industries, a proper electrical system will improve your business’ productivity and outcomes which is an equally beneficial aspect for you as an industrial property owner in Mackay.

An industrial workspace that is adequately lit reduces the chances of your employees getting involved in potential machinery accidents.  Our electrical Mackay experts will often put the quality of the light fixtures in mind before any purchase is done. We are not willing, at any possible cost to compromise on your electrical system’s safety as well as reliability and dependability. We ensure that your industrial work flow goes on as normal to minimize any potential losses as we highly value all our industrial customers in Mackay. We use environmentally safe electrical materials for all our industrial services in Mackay.

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We will help you decide and pick on the system as well as fixtures that will last a little bit longer as we always opt only for electrical materials with very quality standards. Our team of electrical experts fully understand every industrial electrical system requirements and will adequately advise you accordingly. We will fully assess your industry and suggest the most suitable fixtures for it. We have an array of industrial light fittings, potentially offering you precisely what you require as our customer. You will equally get industrial electrical services that are over and even beyond expectations with ultimate value for your money. Get in touch with us today for all your industrial electrical needs. To save on the amount of electricity used within your industrial electrical system, our team electrical experts Mackay will be sure to use light equipment such as LED and fluorescent lamps during installations. 

Depending on the work environment, the lighting need and the installation location, our electrical Mackay technicians will help you choose the appropriate lighting fixtures for your industrial requirements. Some of the light fittings currently available in the market and oftentimes used by our Mackay electricians for industrial electrical services are;

  1. Blast-proof electrical materials: for industries prone to blasts for instance mining or steel industries. Our team will always ensure that these electrical materials are heat and pressure resistant
  2. Internal electrical fixtures: they can be installed in a number of indoor work areas.
  • Traffic lane industrial fixtures: which are suitable for areas within your industry that require mast lighting as they ensure the safety of all the driveway and pathway users within and around your industry.
  1. Flood electrical industrial lighting: this ensures that the entire outdoor space within the industry is properly lit improving the security state of the space around.

Perilous and hot spot location lighting: they are installed in areas that are hazardous around your industry for instance mining fields to reduce safety risks to the users



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