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At Mackay electricians, we believe that home is where the heart is. A well-lit home brings out a good and relatively happy mood to all the occupants. Besides addressing security concerns, home lighting systems will ensure that all your electronics and machines are adequately supplied with enough power for a normal and smooth running of your daily residential electrical related activities. Our Mackay electrical experts have got you covered. We are always readily available for all your professional electrical service needs. Mackay home electricians are quite known for our exceptional and quality electrical services, that way you are certain of timely delivery. In order to get our electrical services Mackay, there are a few easy steps you might need to follow while scheduling for a home electrical need;

  • Give us a call as soon as you can

As a homeowner in Mackay, your lighting system should be up and perfectly functioning. At the exact moment and time when you will realise that your electrical system has a hitch and needs a professional’s touch, then, don’t hesitate to give us an instant call for electrical services. Our customer care service team will respond appropriately and our team of experts will be sent to your property’s location. The Mackay electricians will physically visit your property for an elaborate assessment and evaluation of the situation. Someone should physically be available at the site or even yourself, so as to allow our team to easily access your premises. We handle both emergency and normally scheduled electrical service needs.

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  • Engage elaborately with our electrical experts on site

Once our Mackay electricians arrive at your house, give them details of the situation at hand as well as what you would probably need done in cases of new installations. Allow them access to the specific areas that need electrical services. They will fully assess and give you the best options for a solution. Be sure to answer any relevant questions or concerns they may raise. Engage adequately as you should both agree on the solution before the work is carried out. Once our consultations with you as our client is done, we always provide a written cost estimate for our electrical Mackay services as per our agreement. On very rare occasions, we will provide or be giving you verbal estimates for our tree services. If we do so, in the end, we back them up with written documents for your reference.

  • Review our contract and sign before any work commences

We will provide you with an elaborate contract before any electrical works required begin once you and our Mackay home electricians have both agreed on everything. You are free to take your time in reviewing the estimates as well as asking for clarity when need be. Only sign the contract when you are fully comfortable with it. Both teams should sign appropriately and maintain till the end of the project. Within no time, all your electrical needs will be met with our very efficient Mackay home electrical experts.

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